You are making a lot of sense here. In my case, I tried to build one or two relationships with people I could add as co-founders for future startups. We've been able to build projects together which enabled me understand their chemistry.

Startup journey is 'hardwork', but I know that this is me fulfilling purpose.

Thanks for sharing.

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Our education system fools us into believing we can get it right the first time. You are expected never to fail.

Starting a startup is about making mistakes and figuring out what works and what does not. You must run small experiments and ditch the things that do not work.

When you start out with capital, you no longer make small mistakes you make large ones. A marketing channel which would have been found to be useless with a mere $200 ends up getting $20000. Your mistakes are bigger, your decline faster and the time you have to recover lesser.

Plus because they raised money - ego.

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