Exciting Array Ventures Updates, Exits, & Job Opportunities

4 new investments, 2 exits, Expert & Angel Networks, Remote Job Openings, & more

Array Ventures (websiteinvests $1M checks in pre-seed stage B2B companies. We invest across the enterprise stack with our thesis of Intelligent EnterpriseConnect with us if you are thinking about starting an enterprise software company. 

Exits!! :)

Congrats to 2 of our portfolio companies on their acquisition by Amazon (Art19) and Gartner (not public information). Within the last 5 years we have had 6 exits and a total of 55 companies between 2 funds. We have returned 31% of our 1st fund which launched in 2016. Compared to many other pre-seed funds from 2016 vintage we rank high on our metrics. We are in the top 1% for returns and loss ratio numbers. We are proud of our accomplishments and heads down execution.

Welcome new investments to the Array Family:

  • Bytewax - Serverless platform for serving ML models in real-time

  • Tumble - Smart laundry solution for commercial buildings.

  • Sliceup - SliceUp is an automated platform for log data wrangling & ETL.

  • Stealth - Release Management

Portfolio Notable Follow-on Rounds: 

Our companies have also been busy with some good follow-on raises. Few others that we can share yet but you will read about it in the next newsletter! 

  • Xwing - $40M led by Blackhorn Ventures

  • Placer - $50M led by Buckley Ventures and Fifth Wall

  • GoodTime - $9.5M Series A led by KTB Ventures

  • Productiv - $45M Series C led by IVP 

Job Opportunities at our 55 Portfolio Companies:

Our companies are hiring and looking for multiple roles across all departments and globally including many remote openings. Check out all the listings here.

Fund Updates: 

We launched a few initiatives to collaborate with the best folks in enterprise. 

  • Expert Network: We launched an expert network and we have a ton of amazing operators that have signed up. If you want to help a B2B startup, please sign up here.

  • Angel Network: We also have deals going out to people that have signed up for the angel network. If you are an enterprise angel investor then fill out your information here to see some highly vetted exclusive deals that we are also investing in. 

  • Angel Fund: Our parallel fund 2 for angels was oversubscribed and we have already invested in 6 deals and few more on the horizon. Based on the success of this fund we will launch another one alongside Fund 3 next year. 

  • Check out this video from SVB highlighting some advice from me for GPs raising their first fund. 

  • Find my AMA (Ask me Anything) on starting high growth companies on Elpha here

  • Stay tuned for more programs that will come out Array Ventures!

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