All Things B2B Summit

How to build unicorn businesses?

I am hosting our annual Array Ventures Summit on Feb 25th from 11-1:30pm Pacific time, with a remarkable lineup of some of today's leading investors & founders who will share their thoughts on #AllThingsB2B.

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Attendees will get an exclusive look at what top-tier B2B founders from companies worth billions such as DataBricks ($28B), DataRobot ($3B), Drawbridge (acquired by LinkedIn) have to say about the Role of Data in Intelligent Enterprise.

In addition, premier VCs from top-tier firms such as Kleiner Perkins, Greylock, Wing Ventures will discuss what they look for in enterprise companies and share their thoughts for the future of enterprise. Here is the agenda for the summit:


If you are starting or thinking of a B2B company leveraging data and AI then email us.

Array Ventures is a B2B SaaS early stage fund where we invest across the enterprise stack, infrastructure, middleware, and applications, with our thesis around "Agitated Workforce" and "Intelligent Enterprises”. 

What is an Intelligent Enterprise?

Intelligent Enterprise is the future of data and AI. Businesses require automation to succeed at scale. We need to rebuild the entire tech stack to bring intelligence to their products, process, and workflow. The next Salesforce, Workday, Stripe, Hubspot, Okta or Zendesk will change the way an industry works just like these billion dollar enterprise companies have. They will look to rapidly turn data into insight that will help them become market leaders. 

Check out some of Array Ventures Intelligent Enterprise companies...

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Who Are the Agitated Founders?

“Agitated Founders'' find themselves using outdated or cumbersome tools and become passionate about changing that status quo. They use this passion to turn that idea into their own brand. We empower these founders & have an amazing community of successful B2B founders & investors willing to help. Just check out our summit speakers who are part of the Array Network.

Where We Like to Invest

Array likes to lead companies with ~$1m check as their first backer i.e help founders from the ground up often even before company formation to get to a meaningful traction and then to the follow-on raise. We call it the 0-1-10M ARR journey. We have done this successfully for over 70% of our companies :)

What we look for in founders we like to invest

  • Differentiated point of view on their industry 

  • Mission-driven

  • Builders

  • Closers

  • Differentiated access to talent

  • Curious, hustler, problem solvers

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We live & breath data, AI, B2B and SaaS. Thinking of starting a company in these areas? Apply to our intimate office hours here. Reach out to us if you are dreaming of starting B2B companies

The All Things B2B Summit

I’m so excited to be able to bring this event to you all. 5 years in, I feel privileged to have access to such talented people who are willing to give their time and share their learnings as part of the Array Network. I feel lucky to do what I do & am excited to wake up and help businesses be efficient. I’ve been at a few companies & I know how agitated I was so let me help you turn your agitation into billion dollar businesses. Email us at arraydeals at array dot vc. 

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